So nutzen Sie Native Advertising fuer die Pressearbeit Erklärung Vorteile Beispiele

Blog post - 27. Jul 23

How to use native advertising in your public relations: explanation, advantages and examples

In today’s world, native advertising is becoming increasingly important. We show what native ads are and how to use them best to communicate.

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Blog post - 10. May 23

Writing a press release: Basics, Objectives, Buildup and Checklist

The press release is the central instrument of successful press relations. We show step by step how to write a professional press release.

Blog post - 26. Apr 21

Media Landscape Asia: Between Tradition and Modernity

Media Landscape Asia: How are traditional media in the Asia-Pacific region experiencing the current challenges? With Jennifer Kok from MediaOutreach.


Blog post - 18. Feb 21

Text chats are changing how we communicate

The relocation to home offices has abruptly changed our work culture. What effect are chats having on text and communication? What should we be looking out for?

Blog post - 26. Aug 20

Portrait photography - learning from the professionals

In part 2 of our mini blog series "Portrait Photography - Learning from the Professionals" the Canadian photographer Silvia Pecota shows what is important in this art.

Blog post - 15. Nov 19

Media Landscape Sweden: From Dusk till Dawn

What moves the Swedish media landscape? We spoke to Asa Yngve, Business Developer at the Swedish news agency TT about the challenges for the Swedish Media.

Blog post - 11. Oct 18

Media Landscape Spain: Between Radio Programs and WhatsApp Concerts

What are the current challenges for media professionals in Spain? And what do communicators need to know when contacting Spanish journalists? Vicente Poveda, Deputy Director of dpa and former dpa-correspondant in Madrid has the answers.