Content Production
We can create awareness

Use ots to open up the doors to new dimensions in terms of reach for your topics. Find out whether enhancing multimedia results in an increase in the range you can attain. After all, pure text is not the only way to increase awareness among your target groups.

'I don’t know how to say it!'

Text production

When you’re lost for words

It’s not always easy to know what to say. A press release has to encapsulate the topic in question, be comprehensible, and ultimately, entertain as well. We can write your perfect press release.

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'Why is nobody listening to me?'


+140% awareness

Finally being heard – and where better than on the radio? We use broadcast-ready reports and sound bite packages to inspire your listeners even as they’re brushing their teeth.

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'I just can’t imagine that!'


+160% awareness*

We can, though. Whether it’s a customer event, company portrait or a product launch, with our tailor-made image productions, we can bring your news to life.

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'Nobody understands me!'


+160% awareness*

Complex content, studies and long numerical columns can all be expressed as infographics in order to increase understanding and perception.

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'Why does it have to be moving?'


+200% awareness*

Movement is healthy, and the same goes for images! By using professional motion picture products made by our video editors, you can ensure maximum awareness.

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What else can we do for you?

Prepare content

Our publishing network, ots, ensures you can transmit your content to the media and your users. News tickers and portals included.

Connecting media contacts

Journalist addresses are updated every day for successful press contact. Modern technology meets intuitive operation.

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