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What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a way of distributing content in the form of native ads specifically on media sites. Although they are clearly marked as ads, native advertising blends in elegantly because it is integrated into the design, style and content of the website it appears in. This reduces the disturbance factor for readers to a minimum compared to classic banner ads.

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What are the advantages of native advertising?


Visibility and greater reach

Native ads are able to give content high visibility and reach. Because they are placed so near to the content of renowned media partners, they benefit from the native ad provider’s popularity and reputation and readers see them in a trusted environment.

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Guaranteed placement

Native ad providers guarantee that your press material gets placed with high-quality media partners. Where you would otherwise have to reply upon what an editorial office would favour, here the editorial use of your content is no longer essential. Native ads let your press releases appear on popular media sites.

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Native ads and search engines

Other advantages of native ads are good search engine visibility and a high ranking. They increase the visibility of your message because your content is published on established media sites rated as high quality by Google & Co. This guarantees fast and good discoverability and also higher click numbers due to recognisability by readers of the pages.

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Native ads as lead generators

Native ads can also be a tool for generating good leads. Targeted placement of your content on thematically related portals raises awareness among qualified contacts of you and your products.

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Reach new target groups with native ads

By specifically targeting media portals, native ad providers help you tap into new target groups. Your content is not only displayed on media pages to the target groups you have confined, but also to the page’s entire audience.

Examples of native advertising

There are various scenarios where native ads can be used. Two examples are presented of where this particular form of communication can be typically found. However, the possibilities for communicating with native ads are almost endless.

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Raise brand awareness with native advertising

Native ads are an effective tool for raising awareness about your brands. Placing your content on the website of a medium with wide reach also provides benefits for you from already existing awareness.

For example, native ads aiming for brand awareness present your company to new target groups even without concrete product references.

Native advertising for product innovations

Targeted native ads let you present new products to an interested audience. If you are launching a new technology product, you can use native ads on specialist portals to reach directly potential buyers looking for information on similar topics.

Switching native ads

When news aktuell handles your native ads, you have a number of options for deploying them according to your own individual requirements.

Native Ads and ots

Book native ads as an add-on to your distribution with the ots and profit from the synergies between them and the PR tool. The guaranteed placement of native ads is yet further enhanced by wide-reaching distribution, which brings your content into the editorial systems of all relevant media along the same path as a news agency’s own reports. You maximise the visibility of your content and your brand

Single booking of native ads

Of course, native advertising can be individually booked. This lets you selectively add a component to your existing communication mix.

Native ads partners, portals and suppliers

news aktuell has a large number of high-quality media partnerships gained from supplying native ads. Depending on what you need and the topics you have, either reputable news or subject-specific portals are suitable for the placement of native ads. All these portals give you the advantage of supra-regional readership that learn about your native ad through search engines, although in each case there is naturally a focus.

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Native ads on Focus

When you book native ads with Focus, you benefit from the reach and popularity of this modern, prestigious magazine’s website.

Berliner Morgenpost

Native ads in the Berliner Morgenpost

Booking native advertising with the Berlin Morgenpost lets you easily reach your target group in Germany’s capital.

Hamburger Abendblatt

Native ads in the Hamburger Abendblatt

The Hamburger Abendblatt is one of the best-known daily newspapers in this Hanseatic City. Placing a native advertisement in this newspaper will reach the regional and national target groups that read it.


Native ads in the Münchener Merkur

Your native advertisement’s presence on Münchener Merkur’s website will reach readers in the Bavarian capital, surrounding districts and towns where it is regularly read.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Native Ads in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Süddeutsche Zeitung has the second highest circulation among daily newspapers in Germany. A native advertisement will obviously be noticeable on this national newspaper’s website, generating high visibility for you.

Frankfurter Rundschau

Native ads in the Frankfurter Rundschau

The Frankfurter Rundschau is one of Germany’s major daily newspapers. Booking a native advertisement here puts your content in the middle of the day's events.


Native ads on RP Online

Online presence in the Rheinische Post is particularly suitable for native advertising whose target groups are located in the Lower Rhine and parts of the Bergisches Land nearby.

Thüringer Allgemeine

Native ads in the Thüringer Allgemeine

The Thüringer Allgemeine is among the highest circulating regional newspapers in Germany. Your native advertising will reach the readers of one of the leading media in the German-speaking world.


Native ads on CHIP

Native advertising on CHIP puts your content in editorial context of one of Germany’s most important tech magazines. This makes the portal particularly suitable for the different types and categories within the subjects that appear therein.


Native ads on Handelsblatt

Handelsblatt is required reading for anyone involved with securities exchanges and native advertising there will be seen by anybody working in business or finance.


Native ads in Wirtschaftswoche

Native business advertising published on the Wirtschaftswoche website will be seen by an interested audience, while other topics can also benefit from the colourful mix of readers.

Native ads in FIT FOR FUN

FIT FOR FUN is the place to go for all fitness-related topics. With a native ad, you can reliably reach a wide range of sports enthusiasts.

Native ads in HNA

The Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine is ideal for native ads designed to reach target groups in southern Lower Saxony and northern Hesse. The possible topics are very wide-ranging.


Other native ads

Of course, you can also book native ads through news aktuell to appear at other media partners throughout the German-speaking region of Europe. Portals such as 20 Minuten, NZZ and TAGBLATT give your content reach in Switzerland. You can also place your native advertising in Austria’s high-reach online media through our partner APA-Comm.

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