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Audience reach

Having your own virtual newsroom at dpa subsidiary news aktuell puts you inside one of Germany’s widest-reaching PR portals. Whether sorted by topic or company, your news will land directly in the inboxes of our numerous e-mail subscribers.

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SEO boost

When your content is distributed by Presseportal, it remains consistently and effectively visible in search engines. The news portal’s SEO potential gives you optimal online presence on search engines, Google AMP and social media.

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Diverse content

You can appear in Presseportal with different PR content. Whether you are producing a classic release or one also including audio clips, images, graphics or videos, take advantage of the many ways offered to get your stories maximum attention.


Precisely targeted to your audience

It doesn’t matter if they are working in editorial offices, reading specialist blogs or they are digital influencers or just interested private individuals, a wide variety of target groups research their subjects on Presseportal.

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Your route to Presseportal

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When ots distributes your report, it goes directly to the editorial systems of all relevant media and is published automatically in your personal newsroom in Presseportal.

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Our media directory zimpel assists you in researching appropriate media contacts and creating targeted distribution lists. Booking Presseportal gives your content optimal visibility.

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Native Ads

Native Ads from news aktuell not only places your content in the best editorial environment, but puts it in our wide-reaching PR portal, too.

Native Ads