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How can reach and visibility be generated?

Reach and visibility are key factors to any successful communication. There are a number of points to consider to be sure your content is seen by as many relevant addresses as possible:

Defining the right target group, setting up an appropriate press distribution list and finally successfully distributing your press release all lay the foundation for generating coverage.

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Define the correct target group

Who would be most interested in what you have to say? Who would you like to reach with your content? One of the most important factors to consider when seeking to generate reach and visibility is your target group. Being aware of who you are trying to reach in the first place helps you determine the central element for directing the content. For instance, the tone of the content depends on the target group. The choice of format likewise depends on who you are trying to reach. Therefore, you should first be researching your target groups carefully before you start creating content.

Producing a suitable press distribution list

If you are seeking to generate reach, it is essential to create a distribution list that meets your objectives. Which media might be interested in your topics? Do you want to reach your target audience directly or need specialist media as a bridge to them? Which recipients do your target groups serve? What are the preferred contact channels? A distribution list should be created with the utmost care because it has a direct influence on your possible reach. zimpel’s media database at news aktuell will maintain your distribution list and always keep data about your media contacts up to date. This saves time and effort that you would otherwise spend on regularly maintaining your list manually.

Successfully distributing your content

A critical factor when it comes to generating reach is the successful distribution of your content. Only when your content reliably arrives at your intended target group can it gain visibility. Therefore, it is essential that the right channels have been selected for distributing it. news aktuell’s distribution service ots brings your content through news agencies directly to editorial systems at all relevant media. Depending on your wishes, content is distributed both nationally and internationally.


Which content can be utilised to achieve reach?

You can further spruce your written text up with images, graphics, videos and audio files. Each type of content has its own advantages and works well for different applications.

Several types of content can definitely be combined, too. Such hybrids enable the different formats to benefit from each other’s advantages.

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Extending reach through text content

Classic text is essential for almost any type of content. It makes relevant information clear and brings it concisely to the point. Another advantage of text is the relative ease in getting started as no special equipment is required to create it, unlike other types of content. Yet skills are also needed here, such as adding an emotional layer to a text. Also, when the topic is sensitive, appropriate language is crucial.

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Extending reach through audio

Whether from podcasts, original sounds or other clips, audio has become indispensable as a communication format because it brings a certain sense of authenticity or organic quality.

Like videos, a certain know-how and the appropriate equipment are basic prerequisites. But there are less obstacles in the beginning than those encountered when producing videos.

Focusing on the sound component opens up new possibilities for reach. Listening to podcasts or other formats while doing something else or traveling somewhere requires a different level of attention than is the case with visual content such as text, videos and images.


Extending reach through images

Next to text, images are the most significant communication content available. They can convey your messages either independent of the text or, as an additional component, enrich other types of content. Examples include images of the protagonists in an interview or podcast, the motif of an advertising campaign or a documentary picture for a report. Today the hurdles previously faced when making images with a smartphone camera have for the most part disappeared. However, no-one should underestimate the importance of high-quality images. Factors such as image composition, perspective, choice of colour and clear recognisability of the message you wish to convey directly influence the content’s impact and associated reach.

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Extending reach through videos

The success experienced by TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and similar formats clearly demonstrates that video plays a tremendous role as a medium. The potential applications are almost unlimited.

Like images, videos are well suited for illustrating content in greater detail. They also attract attention easily. Because videos can be spread among different channels or platforms and with the proliferation of mobile end devices, reach can be easily achieved with this format.

Of course, having the appropriate knowledge and equipment is vital when planning and producing a video in order to obtain top-quality content. Even though the effort involved may seem daunting, this content type should not be ruled out too quickly. It might be worth the effort just to give your own topics visibility.

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Extending reach through graphics

Graphics are able to help present complex relationships and processes more tangibly and in a way that can be readily grasped. Examples where graphics are used for communication include the presentation of survey results, organisational charts and diagrams.

A good graphic takes effort and requires having prepared the relevant data or information ahead of time. Properly laid out, a graphic is an excellent way of conveying complex information in a simple way not hard to understand and so can be more easily shared.

Extend your reach with news aktuell

With many years of expertise in the communications sector, the people at news aktuell are now setting their sights on extending reach and are ready to support you with smart products and services to increase your visibility.

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Our tools for greater reach

news aktuell offers a range of first-class PR tools (link to PR tools) you can use to generate reach.

Using the ots distribution network gets your content targeted to the editorial systems of all relevant media.

When you are creating your individual press distribution lists and sending off mailings, you can get support from zimpel, a media database with well-researched and continually updated contacts.

With native ads, you benefit from the reach and credibility of selected media partners such as Hamburger Abendblatt, Frankfurter Rundschau, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Focus.

Individual solutions for more reach

These tools can naturally be combined to meet your own individual requirements and adapted to the communication mix you have.

Add-ons let you further adapt news aktuell’s PR tools to meet your specifications. We would be glad to advise you on the optimal utilisation of our PR tools to maximise reach and visibility among your target groups for both you and your topics.

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