Your zimpel entry

As a German Press Agency (dpa) subsidiary, news aktuell sees itself as an interface between the media and public relations – for targeted communications with added value for both. zimpel provides our licensed customers from press offices and PR agencies with an app that includes a media and contact directory for any public relations work. Our objective is to cover the media landscape as comprehensively as possible in close cooperation with editorial departments to meet the individual wishes and specifications of media professionals.

Our 15-person, in-house research team works intensively each day to achieve these goals. There is strict compliance with the GDPR and all our employees are trained to comply with data protection regulations.

Your zimpel entry advantages

  • You decide what details to include and how you wish to be contacted (by email, phone or otherwise).
  • You can select anything that really interests you from an extensive catalogue of topics.
  • You can reach us personally any day to change requests or customise the topics you wish to cover and we will set them up directly.
  • You can view your entry anytime.
  • You will receive fewer individual requests at your press or editorial office to update your addresses.
  • You can also contact us if you receive inappropriate mailings from any of our customers.
  • Do you blog? Are you an influencer? Emails will only be sent to you after you have separately confirmed an existing personal contact through the licensee.

Data protection and use of your data

  • Contacts with personalised data will only be entered after consent has been given and according to specifications provided by you and/or editorial management.
  • The entry contains your name, business contact details (email, phone and fax number, any other applicable information and links to your social media profile and address if any), journalistic activities and areas of expertise, job title, position and topics you focus on, all according to the personal details you provide.
  • There is a catalogue of main topics available with more than 1,700 keywords, which we are constantly expanding.
  • If you wish your data set or individual contact details to be deleted, they will be removed immediately and a written confirmation sent to you.
  • All data are stored exclusively on servers at our group-owned Hamburg computer centre and protected by extensive technical and organisational measures (TOMs).
  • zimpel provides customers with media and journalist data exclusively for use in their public relations work. Contact can be made in person within the scope of the specified topics or you can email your press material. Emails and personal contacts are governed by our general terms and conditions, whose details you can find at

Media and contact data are additionally used by us to offer our customers specialised distribution lists by topic to supplement press releases distributed by our ots service. They are passed on to selected partner agencies that also make the data exclusively available to their own licensed customers in accordance with the terms of use mentioned above.