International Communication
You say it, and the whole world listens!

Worldwide product launch, country-specific campaign, or location-independent news: There are many reasons to think about communication that transcend national borders. We’ll support you at any time!

'My campaign is international!'

Global communications

We offer a network of agencies, media companies, journalists and content partners in a network spanning 170 countries.

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'I’m interested in a particular country!'

International media markets

Do you have a topic that needs to be played out in a specific country? Not a problem! We offer you access to all relevant media markets.

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'But I can’t speak Chinese!'

Professional translations

The language barrier can be a huge issue when it comes to international communication. We can make your voice heard in 40 different languages.

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'I don’t have the right contact person!'

Over 7500 content partners

We create a sustainable presence in online portals, databases, search engines and social media platforms. In addition, we provide specialist media channels in your target countries with your press information.

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'I don’t know how my campaign is performing!'

Comprehensive reporting

To accurately assess the success of all your campaigns, we will provide you with a detailed delivery report including statistics for online traffic, media reached, referrals on social networks, and much more.

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