Communication is key!

We keep all the important channels for your optimal communication together in one toolbox with our professional solutions. Save 10% on these now!

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Communication is above all storytelling - we increase the performance of your stories with journalists, social media, news sites and Google. With our tools and solutions, every story finds the right audience.

From startups to DAX companies

No matter where you stand in your story: organizations of all shapes and sizes have something to tell. Be it a product launch, a site opening, an expert commentary, a personal statement or even an international merger. Milestones in company history are communication events that tell a story.

Our solutions

Some chapters of a story should reach as many people as possible. Others, on the other hand, strike a softer note. Make the really big moments as visible as possible. We place these stories prominently on the web and at many touch points to your target groups. With our help, you can tell stories of specific professional or regional interest to the right multipliers personally and directly.

Your target groups

Companies have to deal with many addressees, all of whom have their own language and use their own channels. Journalists, bloggers and influencers tell stories across all borders. But employees, customers, shareholders and partners are also moving in the digital public and are looking for information - companies should therefore tell their own stories.