Krisenkommunikation für Produktrückrufe
Acting quickly and informing precisely is essential for crisis PR.

Nobody likes dealing with a crisis. If one does not interfere or communicate fast enough, an unpleasant situation will arise online. Consequently, it can be very valuable to be able to inform the public about a product recall using only one single tool. Our publishing network ots will assist you with your crisis PR without wasting any time.


Our publishing network ots will allow you to reach consumers as well as all relevant German media channels quickly and effortless.
Our direct connection to the dpa news ticker enables us to forward your topics to every relevant editorial office and simultaneously supplies content partners and social media channels with your press release via the Presseportal (9 million views).

All Benefits at a Glance

  • A trusted partner (100% dpa-subsidiary)
  • High outreach for your topics
  • All content is submitted to editorial offices via the dpa-ticker
  • Content partners increase visibility
  • Direct delivery to social media platforms

Examples of product recalls are available here on