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The average employee is 38 years old, enjoys service-oriented performance and the friendly culture of appreciation at work. We enjoy teamwork and many of us have known each other for years.

news aktuell has many faces. For example …

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… Team Leader, Father, Runner – Thorsten Dietsche

Ronja Endom

Ronja Endom

Media Research / Student

Has been with news aktuell since 2010

Ronja Endom held the position of FaMi trainee - yet another acronym – and graduated with honors as „Hamburg’s Best“. Her heart is attached to her job and her media research colleagues. That’s why she keeps working with news aktuell along with her studies at university.

Ronja - what’s your advice for our future trainees?

Well, to put it briefly: gain motivation for your studies and don’t be discouraged by vocational school! The practical part will make up for it.

Birger Johannsen

Birger Johannsen

Team Manager zimpel Sales

Has been with news aktuell since 2008 and 2012

Birger Johannsen is a sales person. He joined the team as an Account Manager, drawing from his expertise in finance while advising investor research clients. Three years later he accepted a new challenge and left news aktuell, only to return to our team in 2012 as Product Manager IR Services. His next job was in Account Management – this time the zimpel team – followed by his current position as Team Manager, where he is in charge of our PR software sales.

Birger, what’s the fun part and what’s the challenge when it comes to sales?

A future client`s commitment to use our product is definitely the most fun part. However, just about as important is the preceding - and potentially challenging - contract negotiation. Plus, no two days are the same. My job is incredibly multi-layered and complex, and so are the clients I talk to. You have to adjust to different types of customers time and again, always knowing what to say and how to convince with compelling arguments - there are new challenges and opportunities I get to tackle every day.

Flora Holder

Flora Holder

Marketing Manager

With news aktuell since 2004

Flora Holder was student-based sales support in the Frankfurt office, Assistant to Management in Hamburg, on parental leave in Aschaffenburg, and Project Manager in corporate communications. In her position as marketing manager she has been in charge of event management and supply of marketing material since 2014.

Flora, would you tell us about a day in your life at news aktuell?

My working day usually begins around 7 AM. I am in charge of event management, marketing material updates and our large-scale project PR-Bild Award. My field of work also covers marketing management for our Swiss office. There’s always a great deal of work to do, such as location management, social media management, HTML mailings. Along with all these projects I work on current tasks and updates to meet my project schedules. And on top of that I have to attend lots of meetings…

Celine Sadra

Celine Sadra


With news aktuell since 2016

Celine Sadra has been a student in concurrent vocational and academic education with both news aktuell and Hamburg School of Business Administration since 2014. Different work placements in the company alternated with lessons at university.

Celine, what exactly is the challenge of a combined vocational training und degree program?

Concurrent vocational and academic education means giving it all you’ve got: total concentration at university, full power in your job. You can’t do one without the other. Cheating your way through is just a no go when it comes to this kind of vocational training. Five exam papers a week, case studies during and after work – this is what students have to be up to. On the other hand, this makes the combined vocational training at news aktuell so exciting. A new challenge over and over again – at university and in a new department. That’s tough, sure. But it keeps you willing to go that extra mile.

Christoph Müller

Christoph Müller

Project Manager

Has been with news aktuell since 2011

Christoph Müller started his career with news aktuell as a student in concurrent vocational and academic education – Media Management (B.A., HSBA) – graduating in October 2014. He subsequently worked as a Junior Project Manager in news aktuell’s Studio division. Early 2016 he took the position of Project Manager CRM systems in the Business Development division.

Christoph, where are we headed?

Media change and digitization have a big impact on the industry and are key in news aktuell’s business strategy. We have to meet the challenge to respond to clients’ communication needs with flexibility and speed, always identifying the best solution available. At the same time, Smart Data and Marketing Automation provide great potential for CRM. In other words: identifying client needs, product innovation and a more individual communication are key. In Business Development, we love working for the new challenges and opportunities we get to tackle every day - shaping the future of our company.