The best media contacts

The right contacts can determine the success or failure of an idea, and this also applies to your media communications. An up-to-date mailing list containing top journalists and media sources in your subject area multiplies the effectiveness of your message.

It’s simple

If nobody reads your email, either because they haven't received it or because they are not interested in the content, your PR campaign will fizzle out in the depths of overflowing inboxes. Up-to-date addresses for media companies and journalists that are relevant to you because they report on your precise subject area are key requirements needed to ensure successful communication.

Blogs, newspapers and online media

In the age of digital transformation, the media world is becoming increasingly fragmented and diverse. Nowadays, multipliers are not only found behind editor's desks at high-circulation magazines, but also in influential blogs, specialist online media, and cross-media content providers.

Become a media observer

Putting together an effective press release takes time and requires a high level of research skills – at the end of the day, you want to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any journalists who are able to share your message with the wider world. But there’s a problem.

The media world is fast-paced

Media companies are constantly being closed down, set up, and restructured. Journalists change outlets, and in doing so, they change contact addresses and their specialist subjects, and that’s not even taking into account the confusing masses of freelance journalists and bloggers. Once you’ve set up your mailing list, it will be out of date within a short space of time.

Our solution: zimpel

Our PR software, zimpel, does the job of a PR creator. Our in-house research team builds up our database and ensures all contacts are kept up to date. The journalists listed in zimpel are given keywords based on topics they have selected, making them quick and easy find. Once you've found who you are looking for, you can link them to a mailing list, and start sending them your media material.